Chinese Slang Buzzword: 种草 zhǒng cǎo Highly recommend

Chinese Buzzword: 种草 zhǒng cǎo

Buzzword: 种草 zhǒng cǎo

种草 Zhǒng cǎo describes the effect when someone sees something owned by a friend or family member, or an advertisement for a product, and wants it. The effect is like planting a seed in their mind.

Chinese: 我最近总是逛文具店,种草了不少好东西。

Pinyin: Wǒ zuìjìn zǒng shì guàng wénjù diàn, zhǒng cǎoliǎo bù shǎo hǎo dōngxī.

English: I have been visiting stationery stores recently, and I would like to buy a lot of new stuff from there.

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