Chinese Buzzword: 玻璃心 (Bōlí xīn) over sensitive

Chinese Buzzword-玻璃心

Chinese Buzzword-玻璃心

玻璃心 Bōlí xīn

lit. heart made of glass (fragile)

Bōlí: glass. xīn: heart.

It metaphorically refers to a person whose heart is as fragile as glass and is easily hurt/offended by what others say. You can say, 他很玻璃心 Tā hěn bōlí xīn. to describe people who often feel offended and upset by others’ words.

Chinese: 不要和孩子开玩笑,他有点玻璃心。

Pinyin: Bùyào hé háizi kāiwánxiào, tā yǒudiǎn bōlí xīn.

English: Don't joke with the child, he would feel offended.

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