Chinese Slang Buzzword: 爱豆 (ài dòu) Idol

Chinese Buzzword-爱豆

Chinese Buzzword-爱豆

Do you know how to say Idol in Mandarin? 偶像 ǒuxiàng?There is another slang, 爱豆 ài dòu, the Chinese transliteration for the English word “idol”.

爱 ài : love, 豆 dòu : beans

Chinese character “爱” (love) tell the euphoric feelings of fans towards their idols. This terms used by Chinese netizens to refer to heir idols, often young celebrities form the show business.


Chinese: 我的爱豆出新专辑啦!

Pinyin: Wǒ de ài dòu chū xīn zhuānjí la!

English: My idol has a new album!


Chinese: 我宣布,她是我的新爱豆!

Pinyin: Wǒ xuānbù, tā shì wǒ de xīn ài dòu!

English: I declare that she is my new idol!

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