Chinese Buzzword: 小透明 (xiǎo tòumíng) Little Transparent

Chinese Buzzword 小透明

Chinese Buzzword 小透明

Literally meaning ‘little transparent,’ Xiǎo tòumíng 小透明 describes those people who don't draw attention to themselves and are largely ignored in social situations.

Unlike "Transparent" in English social context meaning honest and openness, it means social invisible in Mandarin context, while 小 xiǎo could be the first character of someone's nickname in Chinese.

Xiao touming 小透明 don’t like interrupting others because they want to appear courteous and respectable; they don’t draw attention to themselves because they don’t want to seem cocky.

Chinese: 她在群体里是个小透明,没有人注意到她,也没有人问她的意见。

Pinyin: Tā zài qúntǐ lǐ shìgè xiǎo tòumíng, méiyǒu rén zhùyì dào tā, yě méiyǒu rén wèn tā de yìjiàn.

English: She is invisible in the group, no one noticed her, and no one asked her opinion.

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