Chinese Buzzword: 佛系 fó xì Buddha-like youngster

Chinese Buzzword-佛系

Chinese Buzzword-佛系

佛系 fó xì Buddha-like, ‘Foxi’ attitude

(neologism) Chill about everything

Typically used to describe young people who don't buy into aspirational society.

90后(hòu): post-1990s generation in Chinese
00后(hòu): post-2000s generation in Chinese

90后 and 00后 have grown up under great competitive pressure. Today, some 90后 and 00后 are being referred as "Foxi" youngsters, meaning have a general apathy toward career, society around and even themselves. Not succumbing to social pressure, worrying too much, bot being too obsessed with a goal, or simply: "Whatever!"


Chinese: 对于比赛结果,他很佛系。

Pinyin: Duìyú bǐsài jiéguǒ, tā hěn fú xì.

English: As for the result of the competition, he does not care too much.


Chinese: 他的妈妈说,“这孩子不想找工作,不想买房,是佛系了吗?”

Pinyin: Tā de māmā shuō,“zhè háizi bùxiǎng zhǎo gōngzuò, bùxiǎng mǎifáng, shì fú xìle ma?”

English: His mother said, "My son doesn't want to find a job or buy a apartment. Is he a Buddha-like youngster?"

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