Easy Chinese Characters – 美(měi)

Easy Chinese Characters - 美(měi) Hi, there! Remembering Chinese characters needs to be a bit creative.美 (měi) BEAUTIFUL is combined by 羊(lamb) and 大(big). You can remember 美 by associating that BIG (大) LAMB (羊) is beautiful.  国(guó) means “country” so 美国 Beautiful Country is America.  

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Easy Chinese Characters – 好(hǎo)

Easy Chinese Characters - 好(hǎo) Hi there ! The meaning of some Chinese Characters is closely related to its components. For today’s instance, “好” (hǎo) means “good”. So a GOOD 好 family should have both a daughter 女and a son 子.

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Easy Chinese Characters – 不(bù)

Easy Chinese Characters - 不(bù) Hi there! Exaggerated associating also helps memorizing. This week’s character 不 (bù) looks like a mother bird’s wing (一) is above a little bird (bottom part) to stop it flying solo so it means NO 不. 好 (hǎo) means GOOD so 不好 is “not good”.   If you are interested...

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Easy Chinese Characters – 这(zhè)

Easy Chinese Characters - 这(zhè) Hi there! There is always some kind of logic behind the formation of Chinese characters. Motion radical (辶) is related to moving and distance. Saying words (left part文) while you are moving along indicates it is here and now and extended to mean THIS 这 (zhè). “车” (chē) means “car”,...

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Easy Chinese Characters – 那(nà)

Easy Chinese Characters - 那(nà) Hi there! 那(nà) THAT is very easy to remember. Left component looks like the moon 月 which is far away while the right component indicates location, so the word has the meaning of THAT 那.  人 (rén) means person, so “那人” is that person.

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Easy Chinese Characters – 在(zài)

Easy Chinese Characters - 在(zài) Hi there! 在 (zài) means “to be in/on/at...” .  How to remember? Existing structure (top part) on the land (土) indicates it is IN/ON/AT在 there.  For instance, 中国 (zhōng guó) means “China”, so “在中国” is “in China”. If you want to learn Chinese online with a professional Mandarin teacher, check...

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Easy Chinese Characters – 的(de)

Easy Chinese Characters - 的(de) Hi there! The function of 的 (de) is like the sign (’). A bit of imagination is needed to remember 的 (de). The right part (白) means “white and clear” and the left part (勺) is “spoon”, so this Chinese apostrophe (’) is clearly 白 seen in a soup spoon...

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Easy Chinese Characters – 也(yě)

Easy Chinese Characters - 也(yě) Hi there!   “也” (yě) means “also” which is also a commonly-used component for many Chinese Characters.  You can remember it in this way. 也 is he (他) without a man (亻) or she(她) without a woman (女).  去(qù) is “go” so 我也去 is “I also go”.

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Easy Chinese Characters – 太(tài)

Easy Chinese Characters - 太(tài) Hi there! Adding or deleting strokes, existing characters can form new Chinese Characters. For today’s instance, 太 (tài) means TOO. Adding one more dot to Big 大 will make the character TOO 太 big.   If you are interested in learning Chinese on your own, check out our fun and...

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Easy Chinese Characters – 吗(ma)

Easy Chinese Characters - 吗(ma) Hi there! 吗(ma) is a yes/no question word. The left part (口) looks like an opening mouth to ask a question. The right part 马 (ma) suggests the pronunciation of this question word.  好(hǎo) means “okay or good”, so “好吗” is a simple question meaning “ok or good”?

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