Chinese Teacher Xenia Gao

Xenia received a BA in education from Inner Mongolia Normal, and an MA in education from the Education University of Hong Kong. She obtained numerous awards in Chinese language and cultural competition in China, and she has a special talent in music and language. Xenia is a native Mandarin speaker and speaks standard Putonghua. Xenia started her teaching career in 2018. She has rich experience in teaching both small group classes and one-on-one private class. With strong communication and interpersonal skills, Xenia can explain very well the linguistic aspects of Chinese language. She is a very inspiring teacher, and her students are very motivated to learn in her class. She can teach Mandarin to both adults and children. She has a rich background in Chinese culture and she is a very good IB Chinese teacher. She knows how to engage students in interactive activities and her students find her classes very fun and effective. Xenia is a passionate but also patient and caring teacher.