Chinese Teacher Xenia Gao

大家好!Hello everyone! Nice meeting you online! My name is Gao Xin, you can call me Xenia or "高老师", I am a Mandarin teacher at New Concept Mandarin.
I graduated from the Education University of Hong Kong with a master’s degree in education.
I have taught many students at all levels. And I enjoy teaching Chinese. I feel personally rewarded when I see my students make progress in my class. This motivates me to work harder and do a better job.
Mandarin is very musical with the its two syllables, rhythm, and tones. But many Western learners find it’s hard to master the tones. With my musical background, I have some useful tips to share with my students.
For business Chinese, I focus on teaching practical communication skills. I customize the course contents so my students can learn what they want to learn. If your purpose is to pass HSK exams, I will focus on the key elements required for the test. For international students who want to excel in their ICGSE Chinese and IB Chinese exams, I provide personal training and guidance.
If you are interested to have a trial lesson with me, please contact us. I will be happy to show you how can learn Chinese differently.