Chinese Teacher Kiki Tang

Kiki received a BA degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Jiangsu Normal University and an MA degree in Linguistics and Language Acquisition from Chinese University of Hong Kong. Kiki obtained the National Teacher Qualification Certificate and passed the Mandarin Proficiency Test held by the National Office of Professional Mandarin Committee with a 1st Level Certificate. Kiki is a passionate and energetic young teacher who has rich experience in teaching Business Chinese. She has the experience of teaching Mandarin to both expatriates and local HK people. With a strong background in Chinese language and literature, Kiki can teach Chinese both as a foreign language and as the first language. She is very familiar with the curriculum HSK and IB Chinese. She is always ready to customize the course contents to meet the needs of each student. Kiki is very well received by her students due to her dedication, care, understanding and knowledge.