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Benefits of our IB Chinese Tutorials

We offer tutorial classes for different IB Chinese Programs. We welcome you to visit our training center in Central and review what more benefits you can get from us. We will share with you the success stories of other students who have got top scores. Their experience and pathways of doing tutorials may be helpful for you. We offer free pre-course assessment, find out your learning needs, set up learning objectives, and work out a study plan together with you.

IBDP Chinese A (Standard Level / Higher Level)

For IB Chinese A, we focus on critical aspects of reading and writing, reviewing the past examination papers, and developing tactics and skills for writing papers. Mock examination papers will be used to help students gain practical experience and be prepared for the final examination. We provide the following.

  • Tips and tactics on the analysis and criticism of the selected literary works
  • Skills development of reading comprehension and critical thinking and writing
  • Testing guidance on how to achieve higher scores by mock exams
  • Skills of oral presentation and be prepared for oral exams
  • School based IB Chinese programs tutorial

Our teachers help students with in-depth literary analysis and criticism with reference to the prominent literature works chosen by the schools. With the guidance of our IBDP Chinese tutors in HK, students will develop a critical lens through which they interpret and analyze works from multiple perspectives and gain solid skills to write reflections and literary essays required by the final IB Chinese exams.

IBDP Chinese B (Standard Level / Higher Level)

For IB Chinese B, we focus on reading comprehension, composition writing, reviewing the past examination papers. Mock examination papers will be used to help students gain practical experience and be prepared for the final examination. We provide the following.

  • Listening comprehension skills development
  • Oral presentation skills development
  • Reading comprehension skills development
  • Writing skills development
  • Past exam papers practice

Our IBDP Chinese tutors start from the topics that students enjoy writing and can write at ease. Students will be encouraged and inspired to make subtle observations, develop a logical flow of ideas, use imagination, read critically, and write convincing and effective papers.

The Middle Years Program (MYP) (students aged 11 to 16)

For MYP programs, students will become more creative, critical and reflective thinkers. Students will build up confidence in using Chinese as native speakers and develop oral and written communication skills. Based on our assessment of the students’ current level, their strong points and week points, we customize the course contents for our IB Chinese tutorial classes. After one term tutorial with us most students start to make good progress in their Mandarin study of their school curriculum.

The IB Primary Years Program (PYP) (students aged 5 to 11)

For PYP students we focus on laying a solid foundation on four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing of Mandarin Chinese. Our teachers have developed many learning materials including, flashcards, handouts, and mobile APPs to created learning activities and games to make Chinese study fun. Interests and confidence are important for students to further their Chinese study in their MYP. Our students enjoy learning Chinese with our IB Chinese teachers.

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