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Welcome to New Concept Mandarin Singapore
Program Manager
Lynn Li
Location: Singapore
Language/s: Mandarin, English

Chinese Mandarin Private & Group Class in Singapore

We are pleased to offer the following Mandarin classes starting this month. Seats are limited. Enroll Now.

Group Class Venue : 141 Cecil Street #02-01 (Tung Ann Building)S 069541
Mandarin Class Schedule
Course Level Start date Day(s) Time Duration Fee per student
Beginner Survival 1 June 24 Wedn 10:00pm-12:00pm 12 lessons for 12 weeks $600
Beginner Survival 1 June 25 Thurs 7:00pm-9:00pm 12 lessons for 12 weeks $600
Beginner Survival 2 June 23 Tues 7:00pm-9:00pm 12 lessons for 12 weeks $600
Beginner Survival 1 June 27 Sat 10:00pm-12:00pm 12 lessons for 12 weeks $600
Beginner Survival 1 May 25 Mon 10:00pm-12:00pm 12 lessons for 12 weeks $600
Beginner Survival 1 May 26 Tues 10:00pm-12:00pm 12 lessons for 12 weeks $600
Beginner Survival 2 May 28 Thurs 7:00pm-9:00pm 12 lessons for 12 weeks $600
Beginner Survival 1 May 30 Sat 10:00pm-12:00pm 12 lessons for 12 weeks $600

Contact us now for Free Trial Mandarin Class:

[T] 65-6438-2297 or [M] 65-97912297

E-mail: sng@newconceptmandarin.com

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Lynn has been working in New Concept Mandarin for almost 3 years. After completing the New Concept Mandarin train-the-trainer program she became the most popular Mandarin teacher in Singapore. In 2014, Lynn was promoted as Program Manager of New Concept Mandarin Singapore.

Lynn has an Master degree in Applied Linguistics as well as a TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) certificate from China Language Resource Academy.

She has taught many expatriates at various levels including those from Standard Chartered Bank, UBS, RBS, Roche, Bayer, Singapore Tourism Board, APEC, British American Tobacco and many more.

Lynn feels that to be a good teacher, one should be patient, dynamic, interactive, out-going and knowledgeable.

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Learn Mandarin in Singapore (PUTONGHUA) – Chinese Course in Singapore

In Singapore, our Chinese language center is located in Town near Tanjong Pagar MRT. We believe learning Chinese can be maximized by combining classroom learning together with real-world practice on the street. Our professional Chinese trainers will encourage our clients to practise their Mandarin skills with the Chinese people living in Singapore.

New Concept Mandarin has a structured course for complete beginners up to high-level Mandarin speakers. We can help Westerners just beginning to learn Mandarin as well as help local Singapore people master professional Business Mandarin for their work. Our customized structured Chinese language course takes into consideration each learner’s work, life and hobbies, thereby making learning Mandarin language with us more relevant and effective.

Our teaching approach is based on the latest technology and most updated Chinese learning theories, that we developed through more than 20 years of research in applied linguistics on how foreigners most effectively learn Chinese.

In 20 years our methodology has been used to empower more than 20,000 people with Chinese Language skills. Many clients have mastered not only Survival skills for daily life, but have gone on to develop conversational ability in both Social and Business related situations.

The New Concept Mandarin teaching methodology makes use of all your senses, resources, interests and skills. We teach the whole body to learn and produce the Chinese language. Instead of just being lectured, students experience our Chinese Class in Singapore through interactive games and role-plays. You will learn Chinese through real-life experiences so your confidence to speak with native Chinese speakers will grow day by day.

Our teaching is dynamic, interactive, rewarding and tailored to individual or group needs. Our in-house developed materials include Chinese textbooks, Chinese online courses, interactive Chinese DVD videos and CD-ROM. These Chinese multi-media study tools provide an additional means for students to review and improve between classes.

Our corporate clients in Singapore include MAS, Aberdeen Assets Management, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Philip Electronics Singapore, UBS, ANZ Banking Group, CNBC, InterContinental Hotels Group, DHL Express, Goldman Sachs Singapore, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, SHELL, RBS Group, Nokia Singapore, The Economist, BP Singapore, etc.

These companies consider Chinese to be a major value for their employees, and choose New Concept Mandarin to help them build this important Chinese language skill.

Our many Chinese Language training centers around Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing train more than one thousand students each year. We will help build your passion for mastering Chinese as a second language (Putonghua)

If you wish to attend our Free Trial Chinese Class lessons in Singapore, please call us to book an appointment.

You will experience for the first time how we make learning Chinese both fun and effective.

What our clients say?

We are very proud to share with what our clients say about our Chinese Courses. More than 80% of our clients have renewed their Mandarin courses to a more advanced level because of the satisfaction they have from our Mandarin training service. They also refer many friends to us. Customer satisfaction is our focus.

I am quite happy with my experience with New Concept Mandarin. I have been studying with them for almost 2 years now and I really feeling very comfortable with Mandarin abilities.

I am able to converse in Mandarin for a variety of day to day activities for work and personal areas. The teachers and coursework were most helpful in not only developing my proficiency in Mandarin, but my confidence as well.

I highly recommend NCM to anyone learning Mandarin.
-- Greg Schmidt, Account Manager, Nokia Singapore
I really enjoyed the course, the content had everything you need to get started and learn the basics in Mandarin. The teacher was excellent, speaks perfect English (and Chinese obviously!)and takes their time to help each of the group learn. The lessons cover a wise range of useful conversation skills, various vocabulary and lots of real life examples of how and where to use them. You are given worksheets and a series of recordings to listen to the pronunciations which helps you week by week. I would definitely recommend this course to any beginner who wants to learn Mandarin.
-- Lee Matthew
I wanted to share hereby my feedback on this first series of Mandarin courses with New Concept Mandarin Singapore.
I've found both the Chinese class methodology and the input of my mandarin teacher very helpful in gaining understanding of the most frequent situations of the daily life. I found particularly helpful to be able to interact on any kind of topic and dive deeper into that ones that are the most relevant to me.
The stream of work and rythm is compelling and encouraging.
I really look forward to pursuing these courses with Mandarin Social Level 2.
-- Isabelle
I really enjoyed my classes at New Concept Mandarin, in particular with our teacher Lynn. I was looking for a basic introductory class and I looked around at quite a few different options – including other courses as well as private tutors. However, I am really glad I went with New Concept Mandarin. The classes were great – not only did we cover the basics of vocabulary, tones and pronunciation, but the class setting really helped they dynamics of learning and made it a lot more fun. It also took away some of the fear and issues around learning a new language. Lynn was very helpful in this respect – not only engaging us to speak more but also taking the time to answer all of our questions. She even met with us on her own time to meet us for a 'group' dinner and take us on a tour of Chinatown, which was really great of here and an excellent learning experience. Overall, I felt the classes were at the right pace and covered the right material, as well as a good value for money. Lynn was a great teacher and would definitely recommend her to anyone, from beginner to more advanced students just looking to improve or learn more.
-- Brett Penfield
Director, Sales Support
Asia Pacific Region

I took a survival level 1 in NCM. I really enjoyed, It was a great

course and a great experience. The subject was different every class,

It came with audio and worksheet as well. So, i could practice at home..

And thanks to my teacher, Lynn Li. I am able to speak and understand chinese now. She is very patient in explaining and answering all our questions. I also have more understanding in chinese culture. Even though, I am not able to continue to the next level. I will keep in practicing and learning. Thank you NCM and Ms. Lynn Li!

Evelyn-- Thank you very much

-- Evelyn Tjahjono

The learning method of New Concept Mandarin is very practical. After Survival Level 1 we are already able to have basic communication in practical situations. Our teacher Jean is very fun to be with and we enjoy the classes very much.

We recommend this course to all other expatriates in Singapore to learn Mandarin in an effective and pleasant way.

-- Petteri & Anita Kostermaa

I started Mandarin 1 year and a half ago not knowing where I was embarking for, but conscious that it would demand a serious effort. I found within New Concept Mandarin a very supportive environment, and, thanks to their teaching, a continuous motive of interest in learning not only mandarin but also the whole chinese culture filtering from every words and characters. The pedagogy is subtle, the progression makes you feel you are really making progress. I particularly enjoyed the always cheerful and so smart way our Lao Shi, Mina, enlivens the language and organize our weekly games with new words and sentences.

-- Bertrand

The Business Mandarin (Advance) offered by New Concept Mandarin appealed to me because it offered flexibility that allowed me to tailor the course to suit my specific learning needs. My tuitor Ms Zheng was not only effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, she was also very patient in accommodating my very tight work schedule, allowing me to complete the entire course in a short span of 2 months, just in time for me to leave on my work stint in China.

-- Christina Choh

I am very satisfied with the ongoing courses.

The strong points of this teaching system are the good materials that are provided, these are adapted to foreigners trying to understand and learn a very alien language, and the personalized teaching one-on-one. This helps a lot.

My trainer, Mina Zheng min, individual strong attributes are: very punctual service, good knowledge of Chinese language and culture (it is important that we learn more also about the culture, so this is very helpful), personalized attention. She answered all questions very appropriately, good context placement of what we learn, her flexibility in scheduling classes, a good sense of humor to make it lighter. Her recommendable patience to teach wiaguoren like myself who seem to learn with great difficulty.

It is a pleasure working with Mina and NCM and I am looking forward to a lot more.

-- Alain

During my internship in Singapore I had the chance to start learning Mandarin at NCM and enjoyed it very much.

I think it’s always a good way of learning a new language when it takes place in a small group like our group of only 7 people, because then the teacher can structure the classes better according to the individuals needs.

The repetition exercises in every lesson were very beneficial.

With these exercises we could repeat the last lesson and keep the words and expressions in mind easier.

I believe that it is also very important that the clients talk and practice a lot in class and we always held a lot of conversations and read texts out loud.

The classes were well-structured and full of useful terms for everyday life and working life.

In addition our teacher was prepared completely for every class and very patient with us.

It was always fun to learn Mandarin with her!

So thank you very much for an outstanding experience by teaching me Mandarin!

-- Sarah Loeschmann

We have had a very good experience with “New Concept Mandarin” as we had an excellent teacher, good study materials and a small group of students. We were nurtured from absolute ignorance in mandarin to a survival level in a very short time and most of all, we had good fun during our classes. We definitely can recommend “New Concept Mandarin” to anyone.

-- Petra Pohorska

It was forty years ago that I have been taught Chinese as a second language in school. Without interest or paying much attention Chinese was boring and a struggle just for a grade.

How did I do?

It is forty years after and I am fondly thinking of learning Chinese all over again. A desire such that after 3 attempts over 2 years to find a suitable tutor or institution that can help me to master Mandarin, I chance upon New Concept Mandarin.

My experience with New Concept Mandarin is that of laughter in the class coming from mistakes, curiosity, queries, stories and the likes while learning. I found the textbooks format easy to learn and the teacher made the learning enjoyable. This gave me comfort and confidence in learning so much so I am always looking eagerly to the next lesson.

Teachers are caring, trained, experienced professionals.

Another plus factor for me is the flexible time and place for learning and customization to suit my convenience in various situations.

Much can be gained and of course much depends on oneself, if to learn faster or slower at different levels, at one’s own comfort zone.

-- Jerry Soh

New Concept private lessons are ideal for my busy and ever changing schedule.

The lessons were arranged to fit into my diary and the times could vary from week to week. They were also held in my office which saved travel time. It could not have been more convenient.

My teacher was very patient and understanding and catered the course to my needs and ability. She taught me not only the language, but also many cultural Chinese aspects.

I find the lessons engaging and productive. I highly recommend New Concept Mandarin to anyone wanting to embark upon learning this fascinating language.

-- Simon Meers

I have been studying at NCM in Singapore for 4 months now, taking one-to-one classes once or twice a week depending on my schedule.

I like NCM for many reasons, but here are some of them:

- The teachers are both excellent and enthusiastic with a good sense of humor

- As a one-to-one student I can chose when to study with great flexibility

- The textbooks are full of relevant and useful topics. The teachers are willing to incorporate extra topics outside the scope of the textbook

- NCM has enabled me to reach an intermediate level from scratch in a relatively short time

- The school is conveniently located and has comfortable classrooms

If you are serious about improving your Mandarin, I would certainly recommend NCM to you.

-- Daniel Shepherd
List of Trainers:
I am from Singapore, and my desire to master Chinese brought me to Beijing for 4 years. I love to discuss the nuances in different languages with my students. My favourite phrase to them is "In learning another language, one learns more of one's own." I believe a language reflects the culture and philosophy behind a society. I hope my passion for languages can motivate you in learning Mandarin with us.
Ni hao I am Mandy, I was born in Beijing, China. I have gotten my bachelor from University of International Business & Economics, Beijing, China; and Master of Business Administration from California State University, USA. I started Mandarin teaching to expatriates in Beijing since 1994 (1994-1997), and continued teaching in California, USA since 2001(2001-2009) and joined NCM Singapore in 2009. I have great Passions with teaching Mandarin at different levels, groups and ages. My MBA background strengthens my skills on teaching Business Mandarin at professional level. I am confident, assertive with good personality; dedicated to empowering students to fruitfully reach individual learning goals. Besides coaching language, I love to expose students to various Chinese customs, traditions, histories and cultures. I look forward to see you in class soon.
Hi, I am Rosemary. I am originally from Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. I graduated from Zhejiang University with a Master Degree in Teaching Chinese as Second Language. I have a lot of experience in teaching Chinese to people whose first language isn't Chinese for 7 years. I also good at both classroom teaching and private teaching. If you want speaking Mandarin beautifully, or learning Business Chinese to expand business in China, or you are interested in Chinese Culture, Whatever you want from the course, you can find the answer here, in my class at New Concept Mandarin.
Ni Hao, wo shi Yvonne. I graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with a Bachelor's degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. I pursue my Master Degree in National University of Singapore. I worked as a teacher for New Concept Mandarin in Singapore. I like to communicate with all kinds of people and I like to teach Mandarin. Mandarin is a gorgeous Language and you will find that learning Mandarin like an amazing adventure, which is full of interesting item. I am sure that with NCM methodology you can enjoy the amazing adventure and experience the gorgeous culture of China. Let's learn it together.
Hi nia hao I am Rebecca, I joined NCM since 2006 as a Chinese teacher. During my class, students always find the lesson lively and effective. I have taught students from various industries, including companies like UBS, BP, Bloomberg, Allianz Global and many more. My multilingual skills, along with my knowledge of diverse cultures, help my students easily integrate into learning a new language which is Pu Tong Hua. I have a great sense of satisfaction when my students tell me they were so happy that they could use the language I taught and communicate to native Chinese. NCM gives the joy of learning language to students, let's share the joy.
Hi my name is Mina or you can call me Zhengmin. I am from the central part of China, where I obtained my Bachelor degree and worked as a teacher in a high school. When I moved to Singapore in 2003, I started my teaching career with New Concept Mandarin Singapore and now I am happy to be here sharing my theoretical knowledge and practical skills on Mandarin learning with my clients.
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TEL: +65 64382297

E-Mail: sng@newconceptmandarin.com