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Learn Chinese for Kids

Our kids learn Chinese courses aim to cultivate children’s interest in learning Chinese and helps them build good learning habits. The program covers all four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and is divided into various levels from beginner all the way to advanced. Our learn Chinese for kids course is divided into 6 levels to cater to the experience and needs of each child and to build confidence as the classes progress.

Level 1

This Mandarin Course is for kids who are new to the Chinese language. Children will learn simple daily topics such as numbers, greetings, self-introductions, colors, animals, fruits and more. Teachers will teach students by using flashcards, pictures and real life objects, as well as through fun games and activities. They will also learn Pinyin and simple Chinese characters.

Level 2

This level has been specifically designed for children who have some knowledge of Mandarin and can already answer very simple daily life-related questions. Children will learn short sentences and simple conversations. Topics include clothing, toys, household appliances and weather. Simple nursery rhymes and basic Chinese characters will also be taught.

Level 3

Level three of our Mandarin courses for kids are tailored to enable children to ask and answer questions using short sentences. They will learn to tell short stories. Topics include furniture, time, family, likes/dislikes and countries.

Level 4

Through this kids Chinese course, children will be able to ask and answer questions in more detail. Topics include expressing one's feelings, talking about school life, friends and talking about their likes and hobbies. Chinese festivals, celebrations and poems will be included to help them gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and customs.

Level 5

Level five of learn Chinese for kids course is all about covering a wide range of topics through which children will gain more confidence and spontaneity in speaking Mandarin. New Concept’s teachers will help them learn fairly long and complex Chinese stories, folk tales and proverbs. Throughout these classes they will also significantly build up their vocabulary.

Level 6

This is for children who have reached an advanced level of Chinese and are able to use the language accurately in more complex situations. They will be taught famous poems and stories. Comprehensive reading and writing will be covered to enhance overall language skills.