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IB Chinese and IGCSE Teachers in Hongkong

Chinese Teacher Keira Zhu
Keira received her BA degree in Language studies and MA degree from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Keira is a native Mandarin speaker from Northern China. She speaks fluent French and English. Keira is currently teaching IB Chinese A and IB Chinese B to students of international schools in Hong Kong. Keira is very knowledgeable in Chinese language and literature. She is one the most popular IB teachers in Hong Kong.
Chinese Teacher Sherry Hu
Sherry got a BA degree from Shanghai Theatre Academy and a BA degree from East China Normal University in Shanghai. She also has a MA degree from Hong Kong Baptist University. Sherry speaks native Mandarin, Shanghainese, native like Cantonese and English. Sherry is a language specialist focus on IB Chinese teaching. She has a profound understanding of IB Chinese programs. She can teach both IB Chinese A and IB Chinese B.
Chinese Teacher Xenia Gao
Xenia received a BA in education from Inner Mongolia Normal, and an MA in education from the Education University of Hong Kong. She obtained numerous awards in Chinese language and cultural competition in China, and she has a special talent in music and language. Xenia is a native Mandarin speaker and speaks standard Putonghua. Xenia started her teaching career in 2018. She has rich experience in teaching both small group classes and one-on-one private class. With strong communication and interpersonal skills, Xenia can explain very well the linguistic aspects of Chinese language. She is a very inspiring teacher, and her students are very motivated to learn in her class. She can teach Mandarin to both adults and children. She has a rich background in Chinese culture and she is a very good IB Chinese teacher. She knows how to engage students in interactive activities and her students find her classes very fun and effective. Xenia is a passionate but also patient and caring teacher.
Chinese Teacher Kiki Tang
Kiki received a BA degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Jiangsu Normal University and an MA degree in Linguistics and Language Acquisition from Chinese University of Hong Kong. Kiki obtained the National Teacher Qualification Certificate and passed the Mandarin Proficiency Test held by the National Office of Professional Mandarin Committee with a 1st Level Certificate. Kiki is a passionate and energetic young teacher who has rich experience in teaching Business Chinese. She has the experience of teaching Mandarin to both expatriates and local HK people. With a strong background in Chinese language and literature, Kiki can teach Chinese both as a foreign language and as the first language. She is very familiar with the curriculum HSK and IB Chinese. She is always ready to customize the course contents to meet the needs of each student. Kiki is very well received by her students due to her dedication, care, understanding and knowledge.
Chinese Teacher Jeffrey Li
Jeffrey has a BA degree in English and a MA degree in Applied Linguistics. He received A Level Certificate issued by the Putonghua Proficiency Test held by the National Office of Professional Putonghua Committee.
He speaks very standard Mandarin and he used to work as a Mandarin host and anchor for Chinese radio stations. He has more than 5 years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language both online and face-to-face. He has been teaching IGCSE Chinese and IB Chinese in Hong Kong. Jeffrey is a very knowledgeable, patient, soft and caring teacher. He is one of the most popular IB Chinese teachers.
Chinese Teacher Cherry Chen
Cherry gained her BA degree in English Language and Culture in 2010 in Shanghai International Studies University and Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics and Teaching from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. She got her second MA degree in Language Studies-Translation and Interpretation Stream in Hong Kong City University. She has enriched knowledge in language teaching theories and methodologies, traditional or modern, which facilitates a more effective and fun learning process. She has been working in language training field for eight years, which allowed her to utilize the knowledge for practical purposes. Her students were from Japan, Australia, America, Singapore, Korea, etc..
Chinese Teacher Winny Wen
Winny graduated from Shenzhen University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She passed the Putonghua Proficiency Test held by the National Office of Professional Putonghua Committee with an A level. Winny started teaching IB Chinese programs since 2014. She is particularly good at teaching IB Chinese A programs and all her tutored IB A students have achieved 7 in their final exams.

Winny’s lessons are tailored and focused to meet each student’s individual needs. She is very passionate in IB Chinse programs and well understand how to help students achieve top score in IB exams.
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