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Chinese Lessons Tuition Fees

Select from the Chinese Language Programs Below

Course Fees

Month-to-Month PrivateFlexible Schedule
USD 19/month
Unlimited Access
to Entire Video Courses library
Learning Tools
Flash Movies, Pronunciation Drills, Chinese Writing
Dialogue Script and Audio Lesson
Review Activities
( , Vocabulary, Tests)
One-on-One Private Class

Check alternative
if you prefer to buy our courses by 1/3/6/12-month package.

Online Private Classes

Online Private Classes are ideal for students who want to interact with teachers online.

  • A personalized curriculum to meet your specific needs and pace
  • The opportunity to practice with your personal teacher
  • The flexibility to reschedule your classes
  • A structured course but can be customized to meet personal requirements
  • Use of all our videos and flash movie lessons, plus personalized learning materials

Learn more about online private classes.

Course Fees

10 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan A
USD 300
Duration: 6 weeks
30 minutes per lesson
50 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan B
USD 1,375
Duration: 18 weeks
30 minutes per lesson
100 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan C
USD 2,500
Duration: 26 weeks
30 minutes per lesson
200 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan D
USD 4,500
Duration: 52 weeks
30 minutes per lesson

Face-to-Face Chinese Classes (Classroom Learning)

You can take a private one-to-one Mandarin class or small group class either at your place or in one of our training centers below. You will meet your teacher in your class.

What Will You Get for Paying the Course Fees?

  • Our teacher’s teaching time
  • Complimentary online lessons
  • Apps, videos, learning tools and personalized learning materials.

In general, we provide 9 levels of Mandarin classroom courses. Our course fees range from USD400 to USD2,000 per level, depending on time, location, private or group teaching mode, and whether your course is intensive or regular.

We also provide special tailor-made courses for individuals and companies on demand. Our courses and pricing structure can be tailored to meet your learning needs and objectives.

If you would like to know more about the detailed pricing information please contact the course consultant in the city that you would like to enroll in. Face-to-face Mandarin classes are available in these locations.

Learn more about in-person Chinese classes.


1. How many lessons can I watch?

As many as you want! All subscriptions include unlimited access to our entire library of video and flash movie lessons.

2. Can I cancel my recurring subscription at any time?

Yes. If you wish to cancel your recurring subscription, simply visit the "Payment History" section of your account.

3. Can I purchase a paper textbook?

Yes, you can purchase our paper textbooks if you are our paid online users.

4. Do you provide Free Trial Classes?

Yes, we offer 15 minutes Free Trial Class if you want to take Private One-on-one Class online. There is no free trial class for subscriptions as we provide the first 3 lessons at each level as free sample lessons. You can watch these Sample lessons before subscribing.