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Making Learning Mandarin Chinese Online Easy

Would you like to learn the Chinese language in the comfort of your own home? Participate in online Chinese courses from New Concept Mandarin and reap the benefits of our innovative Flipped Learning Approach. We know how rewarding it can be to learn a new language, whether it is for business use, before travelling or simply for personal achievement. Combining a range of teaching techniques that are delivered by experienced professionals, we provide students the best way to learn Mandarin online and become proficient in the language in no time at all through our fantastic online Mandarin lessons.

What will you get for purchasing the following plan?

  • A personalized curriculum to meet your specific needs and pace
  • The opportunity to practice with your personal Chinese tutor online
  • The flexibilities to reschedule your classes
  • A structured course but can be customized to meet personal requirements
  • Chinese Video Lessons and Flash Movie Lessons plus personalized learning materials

Online Chinese Course Fees

Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
Course Length 4 weeks 12 weeks 24 weeks 48 weeks
Course Fees USD 320 USD 864 USD 1632 USD 3072
Learning Mode One-on-one Online Mandarin Courses
Total Hours 8 24 48 96

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Chinese Video Lessons Level 1

Chinese lesson-Counting from 0 to 9

Lesson 1

Chinese lesson-What is your phone number

Lesson 2

Chinese lesson-When is your birthday

Lesson 3

Chinese lesson-How much is this

Lesson 4

Chinese lesson-What would you like to drink

Lesson 5

Chinese lesson-Let’s bargain

Lesson 6

Chinese lesson-Greet in a Chinese way

Lesson 7

Chinese lesson-Frequently used polite phrases

Lesson 8

Chinese Video Lessons Level 2

Chinese lesson - how is the weather today

Lesson 31

Chinese lesson - it will rain tomorrow

Lesson 32

Chinese lesson - today is colder than yesterday

Lesson 33

Chinese lesson - what is your hobby

Lesson 34

Chinese lesson - I prefer wathing a movie

Lesson 35

Lesson 36

Chinese lesson - go on a business trip

Lesson 37

Chinese lesson - have you been to Shanghai

Lesson 38

Chinese Video Lessons Level 3

Chinese lesson-Chinese food and Western food

Lesson 61

Chinese lesson-Buy fruits and vegetables

Lesson 62

Chinese lesson-Eat in or take away

Lesson 63

Chinese lesson-Are you free tomorrow evening

Lesson 64

Chinese lesson-I will definitely come

Lesson 65

Chinese lesson-Mr Wang invites Miss Zhang to dinner

Lesson 66

Chinese lesson-Ordering food

Lesson 67

Chinese lesson-Don't be too spicy

Lesson 68

Business Chinese Video Lessons

Business Mandarin lesson-Giving Assignments 1

Lesson 1

Business Mandarin lesson-Giving Assignments 1

Lesson 2

Business Mandarin lesson-Giving Assignments 3

Lesson 3

Business Mandarin lesson-Business Travel 1

Lesson 4

Business Mandarin lesson-Business Travel 2

Lesson 5

Business Mandarin lesson-Business Travel 3

Lesson 6

Business Mandarin lesson-Introducing Yourself 1

Lesson 7

Business Mandarin lesson-Introducing Yourself 2

Lesson 8

Mandarin Flash Movie Course

Beginner Chinese lesson - Counting from 1 to 10

Lesson 1

Beginner Chinese lesson - What day is today

Lesson 2

Beginner Chinese lesson - Saying months in Chinese

Lesson 3

Beginner Chinese lesson - How much is this

Lesson 4

Beginner Chinese lesson - What is your phone number

Lesson 5

Beginner Chinese lesson - When is your birthday

Lesson 6

Beginner Chinese lesson - Greetings and being polite

Lesson 7

Beginner Chinese lesson - Are you Mr Wang

Lesson 8

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Chinese Culture Apps


Why Choose New Concept Mandarin?

While there are books out there that are aimed at helping you learn Chinese, often they simply neither provide the materials nor support your needs to fully grasp the language and speak it confidently. With our one-on-one online Mandarin courses, students get the attention and will be able to understand and practice Chinese online in a wide range of real life situations. We are able to provide a quality solution that is convenient too – learning via Skype. Simply log on to a computer or a mobile device to get started.

Learn Chinese the fast and easy way with proven Flipped Learning Approach. To learn more about our solutions and how our Chinese lessons for beginners, intermediate or advanced are the right choice for you, please get in touch with us today. Users can also enquire about a free trial by completing the form provided or take a look at our free online Chinese lessons.