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Student Evaluation Form by Sherry Hu

Student Teacher Class Hours Date
Amy Li Sherry Hu 32 Hours May 3, 2023 08:15:12
1 Please give us your overall reaction to the classes so far. Excellent
2 How have you found the teaching pace? About Right
3 How would you evaluate your teacher overall? Excellent
4 Please rate your teacher as follows:
a. Interesting Excellent
b. Organized Excellent
c. Knowledgeable Excellent
d. Helpful Excellent
e. Clear/Understandable Excellent
5 What things have you liked best about the classes? Please be specific.
I like how there are options for in person or zoom so that it provides flexibility to cater for my schedule. I like that Sherry provides other examples to help me learn the characters faster.
6 What things have you liked least? Please be specific.
I don’t like how you have to complete 32 hours within x timeframe and it can feel a bit pressured to complete this. However the center and Sherry have been kind enough to extend this deadline (although it wasn’t communicated to me prior to signing up).
7 Please tell us how we can improve our course.
I like the flash card learning style - perhaps that can be introduced for new words that are more difficult.