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Student Evaluation Form by Sherry Hu

Student Teacher Class Hours Date
Harish Chander Malhotra Sherry Hu 16 Hours June 29, 2023 20:50:34
1 Please give us your overall reaction to the classes so far. Excellent
2 How have you found the teaching pace? About Right
3 How would you evaluate your teacher overall? Excellent
4 Please rate your teacher as follows:
a. Interesting Excellent
b. Organized Excellent
c. Knowledgeable Very Good
d. Helpful Excellent
e. Clear/Understandable Excellent
5 What things have you liked best about the classes? Please be specific.
The teaching methods are well organized keeping in mind the difficult tonal aspects of Cantonese language
6 What things have you liked least? Please be specific.
With change in technology, the CDs provided with the books, need to be replaced by Pen drives, since CD players are not in vogue now.
7 Please tell us how we can improve our course.
If feasible the duration of lessons be enhanced without any significant increase in fees