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The Standard for Chinese Proficiency in International Chinese Language Education
"Three Stages and Nine Levels"

The Standard for Chinese Proficiency in International Chinese Language Education has been issued in China on 31 Mar 2021.

After the official implementation of the Standards, the HSK exam will be optimized and adjusted in accordance with the Standards. First, the HSK will further strengthen the "learner-centered" test concept and insist on the combination of test teaching and step-by-step progress. Secondly, HSK will further highlight the Chinese characteristics in the test content and strengthen the comprehensive examination of Chinese phonetics, Chinese characters, vocabulary and grammar. Thirdly, HSK will continue to develop simulation diagnosis, home online examinations and cloud services to meet the diverse needs of Chinese language learners worldwide.

The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) has gone through 37 years and has developed into HSK1-6 with six levels, will soon be followed by HSK3.0, with "Three Stages and Nine Levels".

From current information, HSK will add HSK Advanced (Level 7 to 9) to maintain the stability of the existing 6 levels, and optimize the adjustment to "Three Stages and Nine Levels". HSK 7-9 will be administered through ONE test instead of three separate tests, and test-takers' certified levels will be determined by the scores they get in the exam.

The HSK 7-9 test is intended for scholars, Sinologists, and Chinese language and literature students at the university level. In other words, passing HSK 6 should equip you with a basic mastery of the Chinese language (fluency) and you don't necessarily have to take the 7-9.

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HSK Advanced (Level 7 to 9) Resources Download

Chinese Proficiency HSK Level 7-9 Vocabulary PDF (start from 阿拉伯语ālābóyǔ)

Chinese Proficiency HSK Level 7-9 Grammar Points PDF (start from 动词:需)

Chinese Proficiency HSK Level 7-9 Grammar Points Usage Examples


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