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For only $1 you can have a 15-min Mandarin class with our professional teacher online. Find out how much you can learn in 30 minutes!
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Learn Chinese in USA

We currently provide private Mandarin lessons in USA over Skype. Learn Chinese with a live teacher online. With a professionally trained teacher you actually can learn more than from a traditional school. Don't believe it? Why not book a free trial class with us?

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Learn Chinese in USA

Welcome to New Concept Mandarin USA Center. We bring you the best Chinese learning service and prepare you for success in business and in life using Mandarin. Come and join us!

New Concept Mandarin specializes in Mandarin training. Our research-based curriculum was developed by linguistic experts and has proven to be effective.

We provide practical and engaging Chinese lessons customized to your needs.

We have served 30,000 business professionals and corporate clients worldwide.

All our instructors are bilingual, with the first-hand experience of learning and mastering a second language.

Learn Chinese Online with New Concept Mandarin USA Center

Would you like to learn Mandarin on the go? We know many of our students struggle to find the time for in-class learning, which is why we offer online Chinese lessons. With our online Chinese class, students not only have access to quality materials and support, they can also learn at their own pace to ensure optimum understanding and excellent results.

We offer two options when it comes to our online lessons and these are either teacher supported or self study. Both course options are suitable for students of any experience level as you slowly build on your language skills throughout each class. With both options we have a range of package plans that lets you select the duration of the course to suit your needs. Find out more about our online Chinese courses.

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Chinese Courses Offered in USA

Private Mandarin Lessons

One-to-one lesson provides you a structured program but customized to meet your personal needs. Your personal Chinese teacher will practice the language skills with you in class and guide you to use the language outside your classes. One-to-one class is available for any individual student who wants quick learning results. You can either take one-to-one with our teacher in your location or online. You can also combine face to face learning with online option.

Exclusive Group Lessons

Exclusive group lessons give you opportunities to interact with your friends and colleagues in classes. You will do role-plays, and practice your conversation skills. You will practice your language skills through interactive role plays with your classmates. You will focus on communicating effectively and in the context of your particular situation. You can form your own group and set up specific learning goals and we will help you achieve the learning outcomes.

Immersion Mandarin Lessons

Mandarin Immersion Program allows you to immerse yourself in real life experiences that require you to utilize and develop your communication skills through authentic daily practice and activities. It helps you achieve fluency in the shortest possible time. Different from a traditional classroom, in this program you learn to manage daily communication in Chinese like you would in the real world. In USA we only offer Mandarin Immersion in your own locations.

Chinese Courses Offered from Our USA Center

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