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For only $1 you can have a 15-min Mandarin class with our professional teacher online. Find out how much you can learn in 30 minutes!
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Learn Chinese in Dongguan

In Dongguan New Concept Mandarin provides private Mandarin classes either online or at our client's location. With our professionally trained Chinese teachers and unique methodology you will get quicker learning results.

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Learn Chinese Effectively in Dongguan

Where can I learn Mandarin faster in Dongguan? And how can I find the best Mandarin teachers in Dongguan? You do not need to waste time to search for the best Mandarin teachers or Chinese courses. We have the perfect solution for those looking to learn Chinese in Shanghai.

We have developed "Flipped Learning Approach" to help our students.

With our own course books, online video tutorials and mobile Apps, we have developed an effective Flipped Learning model. With this approach students can achieve their learning outcomes 3 times more efficiently than from a traditional Mandarin school. Learning with us does not stop with the classroom. In addition to a practice class with our professional trainers, students can continue their Chinese study throughout the day without any extra cost. Students can watch our video lectures before class, prepare their lesson with our website anytime, and review the contents with our mobile Apps anywhere.

We have been offering Mandarin lessons in Dongguan to the expats from many international companies including Adidas , Auburn Leather, Brown Shoe International, Central Park Shoes, Dongguan Sheraton Hotel, GM Apparel, H&T Battery Components, Maersk, Otto Group, Paramont, THOMSON, Utahloy International School, and Valmont.

New Concept Mandarin offers a wide range of Chinese lessons that are perfect for students of all skill levels. Our teacher-led classroom learning follows a well-structured curriculum increasing the level of Mandarin proficiency as you learn.

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Chinese Courses Offered in Dongguan

Private Mandarin Lessons

One-to-one lesson provides you a structured program but customized to meet your personal needs. Your personal Chinese teacher will practice the language skills with you in class and guide you to use the language outside your classes. One-to-one class is available for any individual student who wants quick learning results. You can either take one-to-one with our teacher in your location or online. You can also combine face to face learning with online option.

Exclusive Group Lessons

Exclusive group lessons give you opportunities to interact with your friends and colleagues in classes. You will do role-plays, and practice your conversation skills. You will practice your language skills through interactive role plays with your classmates. You will focus on communicating effectively and in the context of your particular situation. You can form your own group and set up specific learning goals and we will help you achieve the learning outcomes.

Immersion Mandarin Lessons

Mandarin Immersion Program allows you to immerse yourself in real life experiences that require you to utilize and develop your communication skills through authentic daily practice and activities. It helps you achieve fluency in the shortest possible time. Different from a traditional classroom, in this program you learn to manage daily communication in Chinese like you would in the real world. In Dongguan we only offer Mandarin Immersion in your own locations.

Chinese Courses Offered from Our Dongguan Center

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In Dongguan we currently provide private or small group Mandarin lessons in the student’s home, office or online.

What Do Our Clients Say?

We are very proud to share with what our clients say about our Chinese Courses. More than 80% of our clients have renewed their Mandarin courses to a more advanced level because of the satisfaction they have from our Mandarin training service. They also refer many friends who wish to learn Chinese in Shanghai to us. Customer satisfaction is our focus.

New Concept Mandarin (NCM) has really enriched my life in Dongguan both professionally and personally. Working as head of Human Resources and Administration at a large production facility, it is a great help being able to discuss issues directly with our factory employees. After a little more than one year of studying Mandarin two times a week I have reached a level that allows me to do so.
When selecting the right vendor to provide Mandarin, the most important criterion for me was "value for money". Despite the fact that our comparisons showed me a unit price for lessons a little higher at NCM than other vendors, I believe that NCM Chinese courses are worth-the-money and the most efficient solution. Better teachers and better teaching methods mean faster progress and therefore savings on lessons in the long run. In a hectic everyday flexibility can be required and therefore flexibility were the second most important criterion for me.
NCM has certainly lived up to my expectations and therefore I highly recommend NCM.

-- Morten

Kailing group class Aug 12

" What I have to say about NCM first of all is that the course is effective. I had never learned so much of a language in such a short time - especially such a different language from my own. After just the first module (Survival 1) I was already getting more used to the Chinese language tones and I was able to understand Chinese better. After Survival 2 I could already have some conversation as well as do many useful things in Chinese like booking a ticket or a hotel. The course is very down to earth and does help with daily language use. And the interesting thing is that we learn without noticing, without much effort. One day you don't know much and when you realize you are already speaking Mandarin. It is so great! I mean, so many people say that learning Mandarin is so difficult! I don't think so! At NCM it feels easy.
My husband is even happier than I am that I am learning so much and I can already tell the drivers where to go, or ask information about a place, or talk on the phone to Chinese people because he gets off having to go through that kind of ordeal!! Now whenever he needs to communicate in Chinese, he calls his translator: me!
The material used at NCM is pleasant and focused on what really matters. The lessons are very clear and well distributed.
My teacher is really good. She is an experienced teacher and she knows how to conduct the class in a natural pace. She explains all the subjects very clearly and provides many different exercises that make the class interesting. She also encourages enough practice in class so that to make sure we do learn and understand everything . I also enjoy the often exchange of cultural issues in class. Learning a country's culture is very important to understand its language.
As a bonus, my teacher is a very pleasant and helpful person, as well as all the staff at NCM.
I do recommend NCM for learning Mandarin. I am sure you will be well satisfied with your progress. "

-- Christine Abreu