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Are you interested in learning another language from the comfort of your own home? Whether it is for business purposes or for personal benefit, learning a new language can open doors and provide exciting opportunities. With our Chinese video lessons, students can learn the language at home, at their own pace, and become proficient effortlessly. You get the convenience you want with the support you need to succeed.

Benefits include:

  • Access to 282 Chinese Video Lessons and Flash Movie Lessons
  • Review activities (dialogues, vocabulary list, and tests)
  • Dialogue script and audio lesson download

Online Chinese Lessons Plans & Pricing

Month-to-Month Private
Flexible Schedule
USD 19/month
Unlimited Access
to Entire Video Courses library
Learning Tools
Flash Movies, Pronunciation Drills, Chinese Writing
Dialogue Script and Audio Lesson
Review Activities
(Vocabulary, Tests)
One-on-One Private Class

Alternative Plans

Course Plan Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Course Length 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
Course Fees USD 30 USD 70 USD 100 USD 120

If you do not have a credit card and prefer to transfer the fees in USD, HKD and RMB, please contact us.

More about Online Chinese Lessons

Watch as many courses as you like
There's no limit. From Beginner to Advanced levels.
Use tools
to improve reading and writing Chinese characters and pronunciation.
Practice mandarin skills
even without Internet. Download as many as your devices can hold and watch on planes, trains, or wherever you are.
Practice while you watch videos
You can learn dialogues, build up your vocabulary, and do your tests by watching, listening, and practicing.
Practice with an expert teacher!
Our professionally trained teacher will offer you a private class over Skype/Zoom or other online tools. Our teacher will discuss with you your study plans and learning style and help you achieve your learning objectives. We can assure you that our teachers are professional and passionate. Try a Trial Class and you can tell yourself!

Frequently Asked Question

1. How many lessons can I watch?
As many as you want! All subscriptions include unlimited access to our entire library of video and flash movie lessons.
2. Can I cancel my recurring subscription at any time?
Yes. If you wish to cancel your recurring subscription, simply visit the "Payment History" section of your account.
3. Can I purchase a paper textbook?
Yes, you can purchase our paper textbooks if you are our paid online users.
4. Do you provide trial classes?
Yes, we provide a 30-minute Trial Class for private one to one classes! There is no Free Trial Class for subscriptions as we provide the first 3 lessons at each level as free sample lessons. You can watch these sample lessons before subscribing.

Start Your Online Chinese Video Lessons

Chinese Video Lessons Level 1

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Chinese Video Lessons Level 3

Business Chinese Video Lessons

Lesson 1:
Giving Assignments 1
Lesson 2:
Giving Assignments 2
Lesson 3:
Giving Assignments 3
Lesson 4:
Business Travel 1
Lesson 5:
Business Travel 2
Lesson 6:
Business Travel 3
Lesson 7:
Introducing Yourself 1
Lesson 8:
Introducing Yourself 2

Mandarin Flash Movie Course

Lesson 91:
I want to rent a house
Lesson 92:
What kind of furniture to you want?
Lesson 93:
Your home is really big!
Lesson 94:
Waiter, please give me the menu.
Lesson 95:
I would like to have a cup of coffee.
Lesson 96:
Any dessert?
Lesson 97:
I live in downtown.
Lesson 98:
The traffic is always busy.
Chinese Video Course
for iPhone/iPod Touch Apps
for iPad

Advanced Business Chinese Materials

Business Chinese Video for Intermediate and Advanced Learners

View in Chinese, Pinyin

New Concept Mandarin's Business Chinese Series is designed to teach practical Mandarin for use in day-to-day business encounters. Filmed on location in China, the Business Chinese Video Series walks viewers through the dynamics of doing business in contextual learning situations.

Called 'Dà Lǎo Bǎn (Big Boss), the series teaches commonly used Chinese business phrases and terminology and is based around the story of a General Manager who puts his four managers through a series of tests to determine who will become the next 'big boss'. The tests cover all 24 most common situations of doing business in China. Two presenters guide the viewer through the modules to emphasize and teach business jargon, phrases, and grammar, before helping the viewer through the teaching process, one scenario at a time.

By engaging in various scenarios, viewers learn how to conduct a meeting, how to close a deal, how to socialize and much more, using their Chinese language skills.

The Business Chinese Series offers a hands-on approach to learning Mandarin using verbal and written exercises that will have the student speaking, reading, and understanding Chinese in practical business situations.