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A Top Mandarin Training School

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Multinational corporations have carved out their formidable presence in Oriental Asia's thriving landscape. Amid the fierce competition and expansive opportunities, these enterprises recognize the crucial need for a workforce capable of fluent communication in Mandarin. At the forefront of empowering corporate success lies New Concept Mandarin—a language training provider dedicated to equip their clients' workforces with the invaluable skills to conquer the Mandarin language in a delightful and effortless manner.

"We aim to focus on the practical Mandarin skills required by a company's staff through our training. Our programs are customizable, and trainees can acquire the Mandarin skills that they need for their work and life in China," says Xianling Fu, managing director of NCM.

A veteran in the industry, the company has invested heavily in its teaching system both online and face to face. NCM has developed its own technology and methodology which make Mandarin learning easier and more effective. NCM understands its clients’ requirements by conducting a comprehensive needs analysis and proposing a relevant curriculum. Clients can then tailor the program to fit the required vocabulary to create an effective local business space. NCM creates educational packages with industry-relevant vocabulary and materials, allowing executives to learn a new language and converse with end-consumers.

Classes are available on an individual and group basis. These sessions are either online or offline, with the option of conducting face-to-face sessions at a client’s office or a NCM facility. A pioneer in online education, the company has developed a proprietary learning platform for online classes that serve as each client’s management system. Students can use the application to log into their accounts, access videos, and track their progress. NCM also offers flexible scheduling for senior business individuals, such as managing directors and C-level members.

New Concept Mandarin adopts a Flipped Learning Approach by using its in-housing learning tools to ensure that students can learn faster and better. Unlike traditional schools, with NCM students can achieve 3 times more learning results with a learning system of integrated Course Books, Apps, Videos, and Online Tools. Mandarin learning with NCM does not stop after class. In addition to a face-to-face practice class with the teachers, students can continue their Mandarin study throughout the day without extra costs. Students can watch the video lecture before the class, practice the language points, and review the learned contents with the Apps anytime, anywhere.

In business, time is money. We aim to help our clients (students) to reduce their learning time and increase their learning outcomes so they can acquire Mandarin communication skills in no time

For one student, Lynne Sprugel, an employee of an American company, the class proved exceptionally beneficial. The student began a starter-level course in Hong Kong and was highly impressed with the progress she made in a 32-hour course. This short course helped the student work with many manufacturers in Mainland China and Taiwan, which was previously impossible. Lynne is now back in the United States, where she continues her Mandarin studies with NCM online. Lynne’s Mandarin studies have enabled her to provide Mandarin-speaking opening speeches at many of her vendor conferences.

Regarded as a top Mandarin language institute, New Concept Mandarin remain committed to understanding client needs, designing customised training programs and delivering high-quality language education to empower its clients’ employees in their professional endeavours. Working in sectors such as finance, law, education and entertainment, the company's clientele includes renowned corporates such as Citibank, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Mayer Brown, AIA, and many other local and international companies.