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HSK Chinese Course in Hong Kong and Across the World

HSK 3 Chinese Course

HSK Test Preparation Courses

If you would like to combine your Mandarin study with a focus on HSK tests for achieving high scores, then this course is ideal for you. In our HSK classes you will:

  • ● follow HSK tests oriented coursebooks with specifically tailored materials to suit your current Chinese level and needs
  • ● receive professional advice and practical tips from our expert teachers about getting better scores from the tests
  • ● practise words and grammar specific to the tests with a focus on the common mistakes that are often made by Mandarin learners
  • ● have access to our Study Center-HSK Flashcards system, HSK vocabulary characters writing practice and mock HSK tests.

HSK Course Level Description

Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is a standardized Chinese language proficiency assessment of non-native Chinese speakers’ competence in using the Mandarin Chinese in their daily, academic and professional lives. HSK consists of six levels with detailed description from the links below.

HSK Class Schedule & Format

  • ● Private One-on-One or 2-3 people small group classes
  • ● Available on weekdays and Saturdays, from 7:30am-9pm (HK Time)

HSK Class Locations

  • ● HK Center in Central, HK
  • ● Your place
  • ● Online, over Skype or Zoom

New Concept Mandarin has developed HSK Level 1-4 Online Flashcards System of HSK Vocabulary List with example phrases and sentences for our students. Chinese Characters and words are basic building blocks for communication in Chinese. In HSK test, these building blocks tested in a meaningful context. That is their use and meaning in a phrase or a sentence. Get ready with these building blocks before taking HSK test, you will be for sure do much better in your actual tests. Enroll our course and get more functions of online flashcards!

Start your HSK words online practice by clicking the links below:

Words and sentences are the foundation of mastering a new language. New Concept Mandarin (NCM) has developed a series of short videos help our learners to practice Mandarin skills outside classes. The short videos, entitled NCM Listen & Practice, are produced based on HSK so they can be used for all Mandarin learners. Each video has 30 words from HSK vocabulary with example sentences. Each word is read two times and each sentence is repeated 3 times with an English translation. The 30 words are recorded twice and the total length of the video is about 30 minutes. Listen & practice video are suggested by our learners. We hope these videos will help you improve your Mandarin skills quickly.

Start your HSK Words and Sentences Practice by clicking the links below:

How You Will Benefit from Our HSK Chinese Course?

  • ● Free level assessment and study plan design from your personal course consultant
  • ● Scientific and well-arranged course materials officially certified by Hanban
  • ● Guidance for test registration, preparation and getting certificates
  • ● Measurable learning objectives of vocabulary and grammar points
  • ● Practical and effective exam tips from professional experienced teachers
  • ● Simulated tests and overall evaluation from expert teachers

How Can New Concept Mandarin Help You?

Students pass HSK test

New Concept Mandarin specializes in teaching Chinese as a second language. We offer classroom-based and online courses for all levels of non-native speakers.

To help learners better prepare for the HSK test, our HSK classes and Chinese courses take your level of study and progress into consideration. We have many years of experience in helping learners of all ability levels pass HSK tests(from Beginner to Advanced, from Level 1 to Level 6). We have HSK Chinese test preparation courses at all levels to suit the needs of every learner preparing for the test.

Our instructors customize the HSK Chinese class content to meet your specific requirements. Students receive assistance from our teachers for test registration, preparation and exam tips. If you’re a student at an International school, we also have tutorials available for IB Chinese. We look forward to sharing your joy when you pass the exam with high scores!

Contact us to find out about more about how we can help. Alternatively, click on the link below to get a free trial to experience the benefits of our specialized training.

Brush up your Chinese language skills with us now and get yourself fully prepared for the HSK test with our Chinese course.



Why Students Love Our HSK Chinese Courses

“Hello, my name is Iria. I have been living in china for 4 years. I have studied Mandarin for 3 years in NCM. In my opinion, the teaching quality is much better than in other academies. The method is really good -you can learn fast and easy. Teachers are friendly, and they really care about students.

Firstly, I took the course Survival 2, Survival 3, Social 1, Social 2 and Social 3, through which I learned how to talk about all the basic topics. Then, I took HSK Test preparation classes for HSK 3 and HSK4. They have good techniques to teach you the vocabulary and grammar needed. I passed HSK tests with good results.

Now, I can understand Chinese and I have no communication problems with Chinese people.”


Iria, Spain

Iria, Spain

HSK 1 Test Video Guide

HSK 1 Test Video Guide video is a quick guide for test takers who are not familiar with HSK test. In this video our teacher, Janet, explains to you how the HSK 1 Listening part and Reading part is conducted in real test. Janet will show you some tips and how you can do better in your HSK exam. However, practice makes perfect. We recommend you do the HSK mock tests in the link below. As a registered member of New Concept Mandarin, you can also access more HSKsample tests. Register for our HSK classes now.

HSK Test Guide HSK 1 Listening Part Questions, Answers plus Test Tips

HSK Test Guide HSK 1 Reading Part Questions, Answers plus Test Tips

HSK Level Assessment and Mock Tests

We can help you set up your learning goals and achieve better leaning outcomes by assessing your Chinese proficiency according to HSK levels. Our teachers can do a face to face comprehensive assessment for your Chinese level. You can also do some initial mock tests via our website online. The Mock Tests below are also for you to practice before you take an actual HSK tests.

Practice, practice, and practice if you want to get a higher score in your real tests.

Start your Mock Tests by clicking the links below:


Please note that these Mock Tests simulate real tests. You can check your score immediately by clicking on “SUBMIT” after you complete your tests. Please contact us for more detailed assessment of your Chinese proficiency and start your HSK practice courses.

Register as member then you can access more Mock Tests, Register Now.

Frequently Asked Questions about HSK Chinese Course and Testing

What is HSK?

The HSK Test is held by Hanban, the Confucius Institute Headquarters which is a non-governmental organization under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. HSK is a standardized test of standard Chinese language proficiency, comprising a written test and an oral test.

This testing is especially designed for Chinese language learners who are non-native speakers, with the aim of testing comprehensive language and communication ability. The HSK test is particularly useful if you are planning to study in China, where the Chinese language is the medium of teaching.

Why Take HSK?

To get the certificate:

HSK certificate offers a reference for educational institutions to recruit, classify, or exempt students from some courses and grant credits. The certificate also provides a reference for employers to hire, train and promote employees.

Be more motivated in Chinese study:

Some Chinese learners choose to take the HSK classes and preparation test course because they want to be more motivated in Chinese study. The test helps give them perspective on their Chinese language ability and offers tools to improve their skills.

Where to Register, Check Test Schedule and Fees

If you need any information such as registration, test schedule, test fees, test locations, test regulations and so on, all you need is on this website – http://www.chinesetest.cn/

For more questions and answers about HSK please check:

Frequently Asked Questions about HSK Test (1)

Frequently Asked Questions about HSK Test (2)

What is HSK Level 7-9?

If you want to pass HSK test with favorable marks, don’t hesitate to contact us about our HSK classes!

HSK Test Vocabulary Lists

Student’s Story of Taking HSK Test

Preparing for HSK is quite similar to other exams. You should try out the exam structure and questions in advance. Do at least 1 mock exam, but the more the better. This is particularly important if you’re going to take the HSK exam for the first time.

Even if you more or less know the drill from previous exams, you can still be in for a surprise. For example, in the listening part of level 4 the questions are only read once, in contrast to the lower levels.”

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