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Wallace Deng

Dajiahao, woshi Wallace! Hello everybody, my name is Wallace. I majored in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in university and got my master degree of Linguistics in Hong Kong. I started to get interested in language ever since I was a little boy because of the multilingual background. I can now speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, as well as some Japanese.  The way languages work is so fascinating. I enjoy study the nuances of the meanings even their structures are so different. By teaching Mandarin as a foreign language, now I have a better understanding of my own language.
I have been teaching Mandarin for several years.  Some are total beginners and I help them start from scratch. It is so rewarding to see them make rapid progress in my classes.   I also have advanced level students. With them I can discuss Chinese history, business, culture and even literature in Mandarin.
A language is a key to a culture. If you are ready to start your journey of learning Mandarin, come and join New Concept Mandarin. It is never too late to start!