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New Concept Mandarin's Business Chinese Series is designed to teach practical Mandarin for use in day-to-day business encounters. Filmed on location in China, the Business Chinese Video Series walks viewers through the dynamics of doing business in contextual learning situations.

Called 'Dà Lǎo Bǎn (Big Boss), the series teaches commonly used Chinese business phrases and terminology and is based around the story of a General Manager who puts his four managers through a series of tests to determine who will become the next 'big boss'. The tests cover all 24 most common situations of doing business in China. Two presenters guide the viewer through the modules to emphasize and teach business jargon, phrases, and grammar, before helping the viewer through the teaching process, one scenario at a time.

By engaging in various scenarios, viewers learn how to conduct a meeting, how to close a deal, how to socialize and much more, using their Chinese language skills.

The Business Chinese Series offers a hands-on approach to learning Mandarin using verbal and written exercises that will have the student speaking, reading, and understanding Chinese in practical business situations.