Best Mandarin Chinese Classes in Hong Kong

Established in 2000, New Concept Mandarin specializes in teaching Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong and the rest of the world. We provide the best Mandrin courses to both business executives and individual students with our own unique teaching methods, in-house developed course materials, and advanced learning tools. We are pleased to be selected and recognized as top training company in Hong Hong 2023 by MANAGE HR.

Why Choose us for Learning Mandarin in Hong Kong?

With our effective Flipped Learning Approach, and expansive team of professional Mandarin teachers in HK, we are the market leader providing the best and most comprehensive Chinese language courses for students to learn in the way that is most effective for them.

Our in-person Mandarin training combines the use of structured course books, flashcards, personalized handouts, online videos, and mobile apps to maximize student learning. We offer a wide range of Mandarin Chinese classes in Hong Kong. We help them all in a fun and engaging environment that ensures results. Our teachers understand that each and every student has individual needs and will provide them with special attention to help them achieve their desired learning objectives.

Group Mandarin Chinese Classes in Hong Kong

Focus on practicing Mandarin skills in class with our range of courses.

  • 3-month Complimentary Video Lessons ( Watch the sample video here )
  • Complimentary mobile apps to enhance classroom learning
  • A structured Mandarin course that can be customized to meet personal requirements
Small class size available (between 2 and 3 people per class)
Survival Level 1 Beginner Mandarin Sept 9, 2023 Saturday
from 10 am-12 pm
32 Hrs HKD 8,960 Textbook, handouts, Online video lessons Learning App of Survival 1
Total Beginner Cantonese Sept 9, 2023 Saturday
from 10 am-12 pm
32 HKD 8,960 Please see our Cantonese Course Page
Advanced Level Mandarin Sept 6, 2023 Wednesday
from 7-9 pm
32 HKD 8,960 Textbook, handouts, online video lessons, Learning App of Advanced level
Survival Level 1 Beginner Mandarin Sept 8, 2023 Friday
from 10 am-12 pm
32 HKD 8,960 Textbook, handouts, Online video lessons Learning App of Survival 1
Intermediate Speaking Class Sept 7, 2023 Thursdays
from 7-9 pm
32 HKD 8,960 Textbook and handouts
Intermediate Level Cantonese Sept 7, 2023 Thursday
from 9-11 am
32 HKD 8,960 Please see our Cantonese Course Page
HSK 1/2/3 Test Preparation Course TBC TBC (according to students' time slots) 32 HKD 8,960 Please see our HSK Program (HSK Textbook, workbook, flashcards, mock test)

Where to Learn Mandarin?

You can either take your Chinese class in your place or in our Mandarin school in Central. You can also learn online.

Learn Mandarin Chinese Effectively with Student-Focused Approaches

Our innovative Flipped Learning Approach focuses on the needs of the student and allows them to achieve much better results in comparison to learning from a traditional school environment in Hong Kong. Our course textbooks are integrated with Mandarin video tutorials, online learning materials and training Apps, making the language learning experience interesting and accessible.

Learning with us does not stop with the classroom: In addition to practice classes with our professional Mandarin teachers, students can continue their Mandarin learning throughout the day at no extra cost. Students can watch our video lectures before class, prepare for their lessons with our website or App, and review the contents anywhere, anytime.

Variety of Mandarin Learning Options Available for All Levels

New Concept Mandarin offers a wide range of courses to learn Chinese, with lessons that are perfect for students of all skill levels. Whether you’re advanced or just starting out, our private Mandarin Chinese tutors in Hong Kong will give you the help you need to see real progress.

You can take a private Chinese course with a tutor, or you can also join our Mandarin group courses to learn Chinese in Hong Kong. Whatever choice you make, we ensure that your valuable time is used to maximize your learning. We will help you master the language!

Interested but not convinced yet? Why not book a free trial Chinese lesson to experience it for yourself? If you have any enquiries, please fill out an online enquiry form or contact us today.

Meet Some of Our Mandarin Tutors in Hong Kong

Chinese Teacher Jun Zhao
Jun obtained her master's degree of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with two years professional training of second language acquisition and pedagogy. Before joining New Concept Mandarin, Jun worked as a Chinese tutor in Palacky University in Czech Republic.
Chinese Teacher Freya Hou
Freya obtained her master's degree of Chinese Literature Language and Culture from Hong Kong Baptist University. She passed the Putonghua Proficiency Test with A Level Certificate. Before joining New Concept Mandarin, she worked as a Mandarin teacher in Beijing for two years. She was in charge of not only general conversational courses, but also journalism reading and HSK courses. She was responsible for the enterprise language training, such as Mitsubishi, Mazars, Samsung, Asahi Shimbun, etc. Her teaching methods has successfully integrated students into language learning.

More Mandarin tutors in Hong Kong

What Do Our Hong Kong Clients Say About Our Mandarin Lessons?

More than 80% of our clients have gone on to take a second, more advanced level Mandarin course because they enjoyed their initial course offering and enhanced their language skills profusely during their time with us. We also receive many references. See what some of our clients have to say about New Concept Mandarin below:

Yoram Woliner

During my learning of Mandarin, I got the opportunity to be taught by two wonderful Mandarin teachers: Icy & Amelia. Each one of them had a different teaching technique and I found both very interesting and suiting my learning style. With both, I could ask for my areas of interest (Chinese movies, Chinese songs, Chinese fairy stories or day to day happenings in Mandarin) and I got exactly what I needed. I learned many things about Chinese Culture outside the academic aspect and this was the most valuable thing for me besides learning the language itself. Now that I am moving to Malaysia, I feel very sad that I will stop my Mandarin class with New Concept Mandarin. Thank you for making me have such a wonderful learning experience with you.

Ms. Diala from Lebanon<

(Private Mandarin Course from August, 2015 – May, 2016)

Amanda Barrows

Over the IB course of my tutoring at New Concept Mandarin, my Chinese has seen considerable improvements. My Chinese writing skills are much stronger than they were and my Chinese speaking has become much more fluent.

-- Victoria from Chinese International School

(Private IB Chinese Course--Chinese B Higher Level)

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