Chinese Teacher Marcie Gan

Hi! I'm Marcie, a full time mandarin teacher at new concept mandarin school. I have a bachelor's degree in business English and a master's degree in Translation studies.

I'm serious about teaching Chinese because of my previous experience as a certified Chinese translator. I translated the subtitles for many English TV series and movies.

I noticed that the nuance of language can make a huge difference for the audience. Therefore, when I teach advanced business Chinese, I will make sure that the students understand the usage, tones, and implied meanings of all the Chinese keywords in their business.

I can teach both business Chinese and general Chinese. I also have passion to teach young kids and teenagers as I find them often make more rapid progress in my class.

I help students to learn Chinese in a fun and effective way, so I'm currently using a flipped approach to teach and develop language skills in class.

My students enjoy the learning activities that I design for them as I always adapt my teaching style to suit the learner's learning style. I feel proud of being a Mandarin teacher, and I will be very happy to help you learn Chinese!